Review from Traveller:
We called in to visit Bruno’s Sculpture Garden in Marysville simply because we were driving past and saw it. We had no idea of how wonderful and enchanting the gardens would be.
The entry fee of $10 per person is well worth it – you can easily spend an hour or more exploring and discovering the curving pathways that lead you through the lovely natural vegetation to discover quirky, thought-provoking, humourous and often beautiful scupltures in wonderful natural settings which make use of and even incorporate tree trunks, branches, rocks, tree ferns and other natural features.
Young children will find the experience enchanting, but don’t think Bruno’s garden is just for the kids – anyone who is young at heart and has a sense of wonder will appreciate these sculpted works of art. Allow plenty of time for your visit and don’t rush – there are sculptures everywhere and if you don’t look carefully you will miss some!